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A story this morning reported that water on US military bases in Japan is safe to drink, despite growing concern across the country over potential food born radiation.

According to military officials, all is completely well on our bases across Japan. Voluntary departure flights to the US for families continues nonetheless.

Our new contributor, John, gave a report from the US Naval base in Sasebo. He mentioned he’s a little embarrassed that so many Americans are fleeing stateside during Japan's greatest time of need. It’s hard for me to judge from here, but in the face of disaster and such a scary thing as even the remote chance of radiation poisoning -- who’s to say that I wouldn’t take a free flight home, too. I think I'm not nearly as level headed as John.

If you want really, really up to the minute information on Japan you can check out this Stars and Stripes page. A complete round up of other stories can be found here -- or just stay tuned to Military.com for the really important stuff.

We’re continuing to keep all those there -- both our military families and the people of Japan -- in our thoughts and prayers.

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