From the Mailbag: The Wish of a WWII Veteran

When a WWII veteran requests something, we're not going to be the ones to say no! Robin from California writes:

Dear Spouse Buzz, I would like to share something that may bring sweetness to your wives, mothers and sweethearts visiting your site. My grandfather received the poem below from my great grandmother during his service in WWII. We believe she adapted it from one of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poems “The Children’s Hour” of 1864. My grandfather said it would bring him much happiness if this poem could be shared with love and closeness for our military families and all who have served or cared. Any and all assistance to bring his wish to life is much appreciated.
It's our pleasure to pass this along, Robin.
“The Soldier’s Hour”

Between the dark and the daylight, When the night is beginning to lower Comes a pause in the day’s occupation That is known as the soldier’s hour.

It is then that mothers and sweethearts Think tenderest thoughts of their boys Who are fighting for them in the trenches Away from their dear home joys

In the quiet dusk of the evening They breathe their heartfelt prayers And invoke the blessings of heaven For their loved ones over there

And the brave lads in their trenches Or wherever their posts may be Are cheered by the spirit wafted From their homes across the sea

Far faster than letter or cable Our thoughts and our prayers go And how much they mean to a soldier Only a soldier can know

Oh wives and mothers and sweethearts Thank god for that love winged power And by all that is meek and holy Keep sacred the soldier’s hour

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