From the Mailbag: "PCS Insanity" for an EFMP Family


MA is about to PCS. Her son is enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP). This will be her first within-CONUS move and she's surprised as to what is required of her. MA is used to obtaining and submitting the requisite paperwork for her son, but with this move she's required to obtain similar paperwork for her and her daughter, something that has not previously been required of her.

What is up with PCS insanity?  We will be doing our first within CONUS move, and before we can get orders I have to do the following:

1. Go to my civilian dentist and get a form signed certifying that they don't anticipate that I'll have any dental emergencies within the next 12 months.

2. Do the same for each of my children with their civilian pediatric dentist.

3. Go to my daughter's (civilian, public) elementary school and get a form signed saying that she doesn't have any identified educational needs that aren't addressed with the standard public school curriculum.

4. Go to my son's (civilian, public) middle school and get a form signed saying that he does have identified educational needs that are addressed with the Individualized Education Plan that I must obtain a copy of and attach to the form.

5. Bring my son to a pediatrician  (I hesitate to say 'his' pediatrician since the last one he saw, for Operation Purple Camp physicals last June, has since PCS'd so we don't know who the current one assigned is) to get an 8 page form filled out with all of his medical issues, all of which have been identified since he was born 12 years ago. The pediatrician will need to list the number of outpatient, ER, and ICU visits that have occurred for each medical issue in the past 12 months.

Remember he hasn't actually seen anyone (besides his civilian dentist) since June.

Once all of these forms are filled out and faxed to the local base office, I get to pull my son out of school so that he can sit across the desk from someone who will make sure all our paperwork is in order before sending it on to the gaining base.

This is for a simple move from Ohio to Virginia!

When did all of this insanity take place? All our previous moves involved moving overseas or back from overseas. I can understand making sure that overseas bases can accommodate special medical and educational needs, but within CONUS? I thought it would be crazy not having to pack my stuff into crates and put the car on a boat for a change . . . I never expected my dentist to be filling out military forms before my spouse could get orders . . . .

MA would love to hear from other EFMP families to find out if they too are having to meet new requirements for a PCS move, CONUS or otherwise.

Note: This post was edited after further communication with MA.

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