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I am completely unsure if this is something that occurs in other branches or with all ranks, so if it isn't completely applicable across the board I do apologize.  And with rank being what sometimes amounts to the third rail of milspouse life, I am cringing at the thought of setting off that particular trap, but I have seen with my own eyes. I am not the only one that deals with things in this way and I'd like to see who else is with me and get your take on the subject.

There are wives who hold tightly to the idea that their husband's job is his and The Sausage Process, if you will, of his job generally speaking is very much in the periphery of, and separate from, their day to day life.  And then there are those that are not like that.  Some are not at all anything like that. Either way you slice it, we do this to varying degrees and for all kinds of reasons. Some of us are control freaks in an Everything is Out of My Control lifestyle that cling to just about any grasp of the upper hand we can snatch from The Powers That Be.  There is a slight chance I am that kind of person.  Slight.

So when the reasonable realm of never certain always fluid and mysterious promotion/selection board release dates comes into view I sit down in front of the Rabbit Hole and type FY__ insert year here, insert board here____ .  Ideally the result would be the recently released Official Document giving the names of those who made it the particular cycle in question.  But there are other links on the page too. Forums of Doom, I tell you.

And yet they suck you in.  They suck you in with advice and insight from those who've come before and want to mentor the future leaders into better sailors.  They hold your interest because it is a way to gauge the peer group and options available.  And there is also the horrible and horribly addicting RumInt that devours release dates and times of cycles gone by and people who know people who work in the key place and will trickle down something quite legit if you just wait but a little bit longer because it is out there, and they will get it and it will happen, on and on and on.

My husband has neither the time nor the inclination to suffer through such places. Because in addition to the RumInt rollercoaster there are further drawbacks  There is the back and forth development of rapport and flapping of gums (typing of keys as it were).  Which is understandable and acceptable and valuable all at the same time, and yet completely irrelevant to my life and responsibilities and a huge time suck to filter through.  And there are emoticons.  I don't think I can adequately express to you how many emoticons are involved in keeping up with the latest scoop.   I see  yellow and my eyes glaze.  I really am not invested enough to know if it is winking or laughing or sticking its tongue out or frowning or just a lowly generic smile.  It's yellow and I have moved on.  And on and on and on.

I saw quite a few wives have signed up for accounts and even enter into the posting fray all with the same goal seeking out any info that might help their husband go further. Going through this life and turning over the few rocks we are actually able to turn over to see if there is something useful hidden there.

I know it's not for everybody and might not even exist outside the Navy, but I find it fascinating and a difficult thing for me personally.  I truly think it is a fantastic and valuable and valid resource available for those who want to take advantage of it.  And for those of us spouses inclined to use it on behalf of our spouse, or merely to get a glimpse at something we don't really understand fully, I appreciate the access tremendously.

I just hope the next time this happens I am not refreshing a webpage entirely too often on my phone's small screen just days after having laser eye surgery.  I am quite positive the doctors would have put that in the DON'T DO THIS column had they any inclination it might be an issue.  It is just one more rabbit hole that I need to be careful with.

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