Home Sweet (Temporary) Home


We had a busy day of basketball this past Saturday.  After the kids’ basketball games, we immediately hit the road to drive 2-3 hours to attend a men’s basketball game at Stretch’s alma mater.  We met 3 other families there:  another alum, their shared sponsor family while at school, and family friends.  We enjoyed the game (our team won!) and time with friends.  Afterwards, we all went out to dinner.  There were other kids there so ours weren’t bored and had a great time, too; allowing the adults to catch up and have a good time.  

But it all made for a late evening and a long day.  We still had to drive the 2+ hours back home.   We staggered home late in the evening and I was SO happy to be home.  We had considered staying overnight at a hotel and decided against it.  And despite the long day, I’m glad we made that decision.  It was wonderful to be back in our space and in our own beds. 

Then it occurred to me:  Home, regardless of how temporary it might be, is still home for us.  We’ve all seen the signs that read, “Home is where the (insert branch of military) sends us,” usually followed by a list of duty stations.   I have one in my home.  My next door neighbor and at least one other neighbor in our stairwell have versions of it as well.

Many of us speed through the unpacking process (okay, some more than others), trying to make our new homes feel like “home” as soon as possible after that moving truck delivers all our worldly belongings.   I usually try to get my kitchen and the kids’ rooms “done” first so that I can start cooking again because eating out is getting old and so that the kids will feel “at home” quickly.   

We know we’ll be moving this summer.  We have no idea where on earth (literally) we’re going.  But I’m already thinking of strategies to be sure our new home will feel like “home” as quickly as possible.  What are some of the things you do to make a house your home?

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