Not Just for Saturday Mornings!


February is a tough month for my husband.  My birthday, our anniversary and two out of three of his kids were born this month.  Seriously, I love February.

A few days ago I got sidetracked from being productive and found this on etsy.  I let my husband know: "In case you were wondering what your anniversary present is going to be . . . ACT SURPRISED!"  If nothing else, I crack myself up.  Turns out Seadaddy was slightly on board with my idea.  Only he wanted the beard to not be pink (rude) and he wanted the hat to be a sailor 'dixie cup' cover.   There is a slight chance he watched too much GI Joe as a kid and still thinks Shipwreck is pretty awesome.

So I decided to take his request under advisement and this is what I came up with: Etsy Sailor Hat +   As you can see by the very fierce modeling I didn't wait until our anniversary to give it to my husband, but I can assure you it is definitely taking the edge off the stress of February for him.  His only complaint is that it is not a real beard.

Now the man has somewhat of a work around for those pesky grooming standards!

* click on the images to go to the etsy shops where I found the patterns.

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