What's the Cure for PCS Depression?


I've spent a lot of milspousedom envious of friends who seem to get the most desirable duty stations possible. One couple in particular has been stationed in Texas, Florida (Tampa and Miami), Hawaii, Georgia and now North Carolina. For the most part, these areas were desirable to me because of climate. I marveled at their ability to get assignments in warm climates. I hate nothing more than being cold. But if I had to be cold, I sure would like to be cold in Germany, where so many of our friends have been lucky enough to be posted. There, I could hop from country to country and use the opportunity to sightsee at a very discounted rate. But that was never in the cards.

With the exception of Kansas, I can honestly say that no matter how reluctant I may have been to move to some duty stations, I always made friends and found that life wasn't as bad there as I had imagined it would be. I've lived in places that I thoroughly enjoyed, but never places that I absolutely, positively dreaded leaving.

Until now.

Now, we're in an area which I have fallen in love with. For the past two and a half years, I've enjoyed virtually every moment of living in a tropical paradise. I have been beyond happy with this assignment and found that although you can make the best of any situation if you put forth the effort, it sure is nice when you don't have to make an effort. When happiness is not forced. It just is.

This summer will bring another PCS. I have approximately six months left, but I'm already dreading the move. I have no idea where we'll end up, I just know that wherever it is, it won't be here. The place I have fallen in love with and the place we plan to retire. Yesterday, I told myself that I can't spend my last six months here obsessing over the upcoming move or I won't fully enjoy the time I left. But still, it's easier said than done.

This is the first time in almost two decades when I've absolutely not wanted to move. While it will be difficult, as always, to leave the amazing friends I've been blessed to make, it will also be hard to leave the location. If there's such a thing as PCS Depression, I think I have it. If there isn't, I've invented it. I've been known to do this. Regardless, I need a cure.

Sooner rather than later....

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