What About the Teens?

We always hear about us spouses having a hard time finding and keeping a job because of our other half's career. Some of us choose to stay home, some work from home and others work outside jobs. As spouses, we have resources for job hunting and preferences afforded to us since we are in a transitional stage pretty much all the time.

My daughter, Sweetness, wants to make some spending money for our trips this summer. She is 13 years old and does not want a babysitting job or to mow yards since she is in a summer track program. So, she has considered selling hair bows to make money. I am proud of the fact that Sweetness is willing to think outside the box and look to other avenues to obtain a means of income for someone who can not hold a regular job because of age and in the long run, her father's career choice.

I know that as a teenager the many jobs she may list on her resume will not affect her as much, but she is looking for something that is more flexible for her athletic dreams. She is good at it and I do not want to discourage her from her creative output and eagerness to make some spending money.

We have looked at Etsy and Craigslist to sell. I am wondering what else everyone has done to help their child make some money during summer, or just all year long?

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