New Year: New Features, New Contributors


When we debuted our new site a little over a month ago, I mentioned that we would be rolling out even more features in the coming weeks. If you poked around over the weekend, you've no doubt noticed some changes. At the top of the page, you'll see five rotating posts. These are "featured" posts and will include some oldies but goodies, some of your favorite posts and posts that we wish to spotlight. Our featured posts will change each month, or as news or current events warrant.

Our new commenting system is fully in place and we're thrilled with its versatility. Commenters can sign in using facebook, twitter or a variety of other options. You can also like a certain comment by giving it the thumbs up. Taking that one step further, you can dislike a comment by giving it the thumbs down. You can reply directly to another commenter and carry on a conversation with them. You can also like a post using facebook or share a post via email or facebook. We love our new, more versatile commenting system and we hope you enjoy it, too.

Bear with us over the next couple of days as we tweak and play with the site. As I type, our facebook "like" and twitter "tweets" are disabled but will be back up and running soon.

Last but not least, you'll be treated to some fresh perspectives here as we're bringing on some new contributors in the next few weeks. First up is Reasa. Reasa is an Army Wife and has been a SpouseBUZZ friend for a very long time. She's also a blogger. The team has been lucky enough to meet Reasa at two of our SpouseBUZZ LIVE events. Reasa is an amazing woman and we're thrilled that she's joining us. We know you'll enjoy reading about her experiences as a military spouse. Welcome aboard, Reasa!

We are in the process of bringing more people on board and are already working to that end so we're not actively calling for resumes right now. But if you're interested in contributing to SpouseBUZZ at a later date, please feel free to send us an email (spousebuzz at military-inc.com) introducing yourself. Please provide writing samples (blog, articles, etc.) if you're a blogger or writer. We'll keep your email on file when we're ready to add more contributors down the line. Please put "contributor" in the subject line.

We're looking forward to a great year sharing the joys and challenges of milspousedom with you.

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