2011 - A Perfect Year for Gifts from (& for) the Heart

A few weeks ago I read this post that keeps coming into my head.

LopsidedMom writes:

It's because I'm stressed. And when I'm stressed I make s***. I cook. I knit, I sew. Sure, I walk and laugh and drink wine, but mostly I comb the internet for neat things, make a list, choose what I want to do,  purchase supplies (or even better repurpose something I already have) and I Go. To.Town.
I like to think of it as "croping," as in crafting + coping = croping. And it sure beats drinking.
I totally (times infinity) identify with this.  I am a terrible procrastinator at heart and have a hard time crossing over from planning to *doing*, but when push comes to shove, you will find me making something (or at least trying to decide which project to start first . . . ).

Last year, a fellow milspouse put up a status update on the olde facebook inviting the first five respondents to receive something handmade during the course of the year.   She said she knew before she even posted it that I would respond.    (I like to think that is not a terrible thing.)   Oh, how I love the idea so very much!   I happily reposted it on my status and marked the first five responses that came in my gmail with a nice purple star for safekeeping.  At the time I figured I would sew bags in a pattern I had just tried for the first time and fallen in love with. Then my sewing machine and I had a terrible fight and communicating with it became impossible. I've never read any of those Love Languages books, but I swear, if they come out with one for sewing machines . . . I'd buy it.  Later in the year, I tried to have airforcewife teach me how to crochet, but she was too good at it and I was too bad that it just wasn't clicking.  Luckily, when I broke down and took a class on crochet and knitting, it clicked and off I went to make as many things as possible before the end of the year.

I was so happy to send those five items off in the mail. I went against my inner voice (that was screaming) and didn't ask people what they liked, if they liked this color or that pattern, or would they be happy with this or that.  I just made something.  By hand.  Five times.

How easy and cool is that?!

And one of the best parts of the whole process was taking a breather.  From worrying about my sons.  Having something else to focus on instead of the ridiculous and frustrating experience it has been trying to get from point A to B without visiting ALL THE OTHER LETTERS BEFOREHAND when you live on an Army post but are a Navy family and EFMP is completely and totally not a Team Purple endeavor.  So, while there will still be some  times I will go with the Freak Out side of things, in this New Year I plan to re-post this challenge to myself and know that I will find it as much a gift to myself as it is to those who receive whatever it is I make. Maybe even more.

How many other 'cropers' are out there? * image found here

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