Tax Time Cometh


Many of us (cough, namely me) would like to get through the holidays before beginning to think about tax season.  The reality is that tax season is just around the corner and pre-planning is never a bad thing.

DFAS has already put out tax statement dates and information.  Here is what you have to look forward to:

Why wait for the mail? Military service members, military retirees and annuitants, and federal civilian employees paid by the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) can get their 2010 tax statements up to two weeks earlier using myPay.  DFAS has recently released the schedule for posting and mailing 2010 tax statements such as W-2s, 1099Rs and 1099INTs customers will need to file their annual tax returns.
2010 tax statement myPay and USPS mail schedule: Form/Document Date available onmyPay  

Dates mailed via theU.S. Post Office 

Retiree Annual Statement (RAS) 

Dec. 4, 2010 

Dec. 16-31. 2010 

Retiree 1099R 

Dec. 14, 2010 

Dec. 16-31, 2010 

Annuitant Account Statement (AAS) 

Dec. 15, 2010 

Dec. 19-31, 2010 

Annuitant 1099R 

Dec. 15, 2010 

Dec. 19-31, 2010 

VSI/SSB W-2 * 

Not available viamyPay  

Jan. 4-5, 2011 

Active Duty Air Force, Army, Navy W-2 

Jan. 24, 2011 

Jan. 24-29, 2011 

Reserve Air Force, Army, Navy W-2 

Jan. 4, 2011 

Jan. 4-7, 2011 

Marine Corps Active & Reserve W-2 

Jan. 18, 2011 

Jan. 19-20, 2011 

Civilian employee W-2 

Jan. 6, 2011 

Jan. 7-15, 2011 

Savings Deposit Program 1099INT 

Jan. 21, 2011 

Jan. 21-22, 2011 

Vendor Pay 1099 

Not available viamyPay  

Jan. 20-25, 2011 

Vendor Pay MISC W-2 

Jan. 31, 2011 

Jan. 20-25, 2011 

Travel PCS W-2 

Jan. 31, 2011 

Jan. 20-25, 2011 

Army Non-Appropriated Fund Civilian Pay W-2 

Jan. 11, 2011 

Not available 

You can access myPay here.

You can find DFAS on Facebook and on YouTube.

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