Rear D: Thank You


This morning, my email contained a fantastic article, 'Rear D' Moves Into High Gear As Tragedy Strikes.  I thought this was a spectacular example of the importance of a good Rear D and I was so impressed with the people profiled in this story.

In an interesting coincidence, Joan D'Arc just published A Strange Feeling, about how she has reacted to her husband's unit leaving without him.  I absolutely understand her feelings.  For many warrior families, the idea of missing "the show" is a hard concept.

So, where do these two things come together?  Truthfully, the jobs taken on by a Rear Detachment can make or break a deployment for a family.  A good Rear D commander, and a good team, are the backbone that help families thrive, and that makes it easier for the troops to keep their mind on their jobs.  And honestly, I really want those troops to be thinking about their jobs, not about what is happening at home.

I, for one, am delighted when the Rear D is made up of smart, committed people.  I know the job will be done well, and everyone will benefit.  I've always tried to remind my friends who are sad that they are serving in a Rear D that the families will be glad to have them.  I know they aren't delighted, but they are serving in an important role.

To all those who have to, get to, or choose to serve in a Rear D:  Thank You.

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