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An active duty spouse whom I attended law school with just posed an intriguing question regarding "stuff."  Being a Guard Wife, I don't have to deal with moving my "stuff" from place-to-place.  Being a sentimental person, I have plenty of things that evoke heavy duty memories that I keep tucked in nooks and crannies all over the house and garage.  I suppose if I had to move every few years I may be confronted with the ball-and-chain that is carting this stuff around more often.

I thought, though, given our vast store of general knowledge in our readership that some of you may have some great ideas on how to preserve memories without retaining the actual physical objects.

What have you done to keep your memories intact without having tons of stuff tagging along when you eventually have to move?  I'll be sharing your ideas with my friend, Kate, who has floated the question as she unpacks from her most recent move.

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