Online or Bust


For some of us, the computer bridges many gaps.

Can't think of the name of that actor who just came on your TV screen?  IMDB is your new best friend.

Need to know the weather for this weekend's trip out of state?  Weather.com has the answer (meteorologists are going with at that particular time).

The list goes on.

During our SpouseBUZZ Live event in Hawaii, we had some great participation on our facebook page.  As the authors and audience went over the one piece of advice they would like to see in the imaginary Military Spouse Handbook we should all be issued, many people in attendance hopped on the thread on our facebook page to offer some entries.

A common theme was to be outgoing, get out there and meet new people.  This is good advice to be sure, but it is definitely easier for some than for others.

When we found out where we were headed on our first pcs, I quickly searched for some interweb resources.  For those of us that wouldn't really use the word 'outgoing' to describe ourselves, seeing what is available online is a good first step.

I thought it might be a good idea to share some places I found military spouses forming and joining groups online to meet each other.  The focus of these groups can vary.  From general conversation, information and resources, hobbies (like photography, knitting, running), parenting and playgroups, virtual garage sales & wanted ads, there are so many groups out there.  Some combine many topics under one group.

Yahoo Groups





When I search these sites, I don't limit limit myself to just the base we are living on or the name of Seadaddy's command.  Searching the metro area, you can surely find people who share common interests.

One of the spouses in Hawaii gave some great advice:  Make sure you have a friend who you can show your ugliness to, because life is ugly and it isn't healthy to keep it in.

We all know how true this is!

Maybe you will meet just the perfect battle buddy spouse through one of these online resources available.  Go explore!

Let us know of any of these types of resources you have loved at current or previous commands.

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