Lost and Not Found…Yet

We’ve all done it:  Misplaced something and thought, “I KNOW it’s around here somewhere.”  It’s just a matter of remembering where and when we last saw the item in question.  My problem is the last time I saw the things I’ve been looking for was 3 PCS’s ago!

We’re finally in a location that actually has all 4 seasons.  It’s gotten cold here and, lately, it’s been downright frigid.  So I’d like to have my fleece hat and suede mittens that keep me quite toasty.  And I know I haven’t gotten rid of them and that they ARE here SOME. WHERE.  They just aren’t in any of the usual, likely places that I’ve looked.  And I’ve looked almost everywhere.  I say “almost” because, clearly, I’ve missed something.

The problem is that with our PCS history, they haven’t been needed in quite some time.  Our last duty station was in a location that could best be described as hot as Hades balmy.  I didn’t need a fleece hat or suede gloves there!  Before that, we spent a relatively mild winter in coastal Carolina (the winters the year before and the year after we lived there were colder).  Again, didn’t really need those items.

So, 3 PCS’s ago, while living overseas, is the last time I can clearly remember having those items.  And I already know when I’ll find them again.  It will be when I’m unpacking after another PCS, this time in a tropical location.

What items have gone MIA during one duty station only to turn up at another for you?

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