Fit Club - Fight Club Edition

It's no secret that my discovery of boxing and kickboxing/mma training during Air Force Guy's deployment have made a huge difference in my life.  I've managed to lose 54 pounds and nearly 5 sizes at this point; and I'll own it - I love beating on things in a socially acceptable environment.  It feels good, particularly on one of those days.  You know what I mean.

In fact, I had a double root canal on Tuesday and was back in the gym on Wednesday.  Because I love it that much.  Really.  Although I did have to substitute the treadmill for jumping rope in the last ten minutes, because every time I hit the ground my jaw would throb a little.  It was gratifying to hear the coach (a pro fighter himself) ask me why I wasn't at home resting, "like a normal person".  Because I'm a military wife!  And WE ARE NOT WUSSES!  Um, okay.  Overkill on that one.  A little too much Ooorah, and from an Air Force Wife, too, which is just ridiculous and really kind of creepy.  I guess I'll refrain from buying the t-shirt.

In any case, in my current (for the last year) frame of mind, an upcoming UFC event completely caught my eye and has become the subject of my Christmas wishes.

On January 22, the UFC will be hosting its second Fight for the Troops.  This one will be at Ft. Hood, TX and the event will be a fundraiser for The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.  I want to be there.  Really.  I've prepared a pitch letter, a PowerPoint presentation, and written three letters to Santa about this issue so far, and it's become a regular item of discussion in my conversations with just about everyone.

Dentist:  Well, it looks like you'll actually need two root canals this time.  The teeth are right next to each other, and we should be able to kick them out at the same time, but I can't make any promises about what I'll find when I actually get in there.

Me:  Two, huh?  That's a lot.  And expensive.  A lot more expensive than my air fare to Killeen would be in January.  Do you see my issue here, Ms. Dentist?  There's this UFC event I'd like to see live, maybe interview some of the fighters.  It's a once in a lifetime opportunity.  And you're saying my TEETH are more expensive?  I think we might have a priorities issue here.


Husband's Boss:  We'll need AFG for this TDY in January.  It's an excellent leadership opportunity, he really needs to turn this one out.  And it's to such a great location!  He's so lucky to get it!

Me:  January?  Really?  Lucky?  Let me show you this PowerPoint presentation I have worked up on events in January...

Okay, maybe it's not quite that bad.  But still.

The UFC has not been shy about its support and respect for the military.  Mixed Martial Arts is at record levels of popularity among military populations, and fighters with a military background are a tremendous presence in the MMA world (with such notable fighters as Randy Couture and Jorge Rivera among others in the UFC alone), and this is the second Fight for the Troops event.  The UFC also works with the USO to visit troops around the world, even offering some trainers and pointers for the guys they run into.  All of these things are just icing on the cake for my family - which now has a favorite neighborhood restaurant we hit up to watch UFC fight nights.  Did I mention our Christmas Card picture this year featured us all in boxing gloves?

In any case, a girl can hope.  And I do hope to be there.  With my penchant for trouble, a UFC Fight Night might make for some great stories.

For those of you in the Ft. Hood area - Fight For the Troops will be held on January  22, 2011 at Ft. Hood, TX.  Even if you can't attend in person, you can still donate to the cause - the 2008 Fight For the Troops event raised over four million dollars for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund!

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