Cookies and Heroes at Home


You can ask Air Force Guy, when he deploys I turn into the CARE package queen.  I look far and wide for interesting things to send to help him and his guys through the time (one of the all-time greatest hits was Count Chocula cereal and Mad Libs), and I never forget to put in Oreo cookies and a bag or two of Keebler Soft Batch chocolate chip.

Guard Wife totally beats me in the cookie department - she baked hundreds of them herself to send!  I, however, am nowhere near as talented as she.  Baking cookies to send is out of my skill set.  Luckily, Kenmore (you know, the washing machine company) has got us covered here.

Right now, if you go to Kenmore's facebook page and "like" them, they will send a dozen cookies in your name to deployed service-members.  Even better?  When 250,000 cookies are sent, they will donate $50,000.00 to the Sears Heroes at Home program!

If you haven't heard of Sears Heroes at Home program, you should!  Every year, Sears distributes gift cards and home repairs to military and retired military families that otherwise might not be able to afford certain necessities.  The program has been amazingly successful, and in fact this year was the recipient of the prestigious Peter Glen Award for companies that give back in a big way.  Last year alone, donations to the Sears Heroes at Home program totaled eight million dollars; and over 50,000 families have been helped so far.


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