As God is My Witness I Will Never, Ever Procrastinate Over the Holidays AGAIN!


Christmas seems to catch me off guard every single year. I am not sure why, after all I have been celebrating Christmas for the last 40 years.

So tonight, I am promising myself (AGAIN) to avoid this next year. I tried to be on the ball, I swear. I put my tree up the day after Thanksgiving, which is what we always do. I managed to get most of the baking done, the house got decorated inside and out, and most of the cards will be delivered by this Thursday.

The biggest problem with me is the gift buying. It never fails that I put off buying gifts because of finances. This year, I will blame my garage door, my fridge, one of the toilets, and a car accident I just had last week. It is like a Holiday money gremlin or something. However, I also realize that if I would do shopping year round. a bit at a time, this would not be an issue.

I also might mention here, I loathe shopping. But let me mention that I REALLY loathe the bizzaro world of Christmas time shopping. It never fails that once I find a great gift, it is not available in the right size or color, or perhaps it sold out weeks ago. I am also not a fan of crowds, bad driving, weird parking lots, grumpy people, and I avoid it. YAY for online shopping, I did manage to get some things purchased this year via the internet and I LOVED this option. Next year I intend on taking advantage of this option at every single turn!

So after spending my entire evening out and about, I am promising myself, NEVER AGAIN. I know better, and do not like the anxious feeling I bring upon myself for being unprepared. I swear I will do better next year!

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