You've Got To Be Creative


If ever there is a skill that is good for a military wife to have, it is creativity. There are so many aspects of it - decorating, budgeting, traveling, getting things done. I started thinking on the subject this morning, as I sat in the food court on base while my car was being serviced. I had a long list of on base errands to run, and tons of computer work to accomplish. The wifi was working, but for some reason I could not do anything that required logging into anything - mail, paying bills, writing this post...

As I considered the creativity of military spouses, my mind when all directions. Spouses who figure out how to build portable careers. Spouses who go to school when they have small children. Spouses who manage to make furniture fit, wherever they go. Spouses who feed their family on newly enlisted pay.

What is your most creative accomplishment? I still haven't figured out mine, but I'll let you know when I do.

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