Vote! What Stresses YOU Out?


In honor of this week’s election we are conducting our own little (otherwise unrelated) poll. If we are going to talk about how our military supports us and our marriages during deployments, we need to know where that support should go.

So let's find out! Where your marriage is concerned what, exactly, is the most stressful part of deployment anyway? 

There are, of course, a million possible answers to that question. We’ve whittled it down to nine different possibilities and stuck them in this handy poll for you. 

Tell us what you think! Feel free to leave a comment explaining your answer (or lamenting that we left your major stressor off the list). You can only vote once. Please tell your friends to come vote, too.

When the poll closes in a week we’ll take a look at your answers and compare them to those in an official study out on the topic. This could get interesting .... 

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