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Military families often spend a good chunk of leave traveling to/from areas where our families reside because we're not always fortunate to be stationed close to family. It's doubly hard on those of us have family in one state or region and in-laws in another.

Now don't get me wrong, we love spending time with our family. Love it. There will be no regrets over spending that time together when the grim reaper comes a knockin'. But at the same time, it's nice to occasionally spend time with your spouse, away from family and friends. Wherever the destination and whatever the "vacation" may entail, time away from others, and time to reconnect as a couple or immediate family, is a priceless gift.

My husband and I are gearing up for a "us-only" vacation. I've become almost giddy about this vacation. I recently reminded my husband that other than a couple of overnight or two-day trips here and there, we haven't had a real vacation since his return from Afghanistan in 2006.

He thought otherwise, and listed travel which included going "home," or excursions to destinations with extended family in tow. I stated that while yes, we did those things, I didn't consider that "vacation" per se.

Traveling to see family -- or traveling with family -- is wonderful, and we always a have a great time. But when I think "vacation," I think of my husband and I exploring new areas and having new experiences as a couple. Or, simply doing nothing at all, but doing it together. Us. Getting away from the house, getting away from the chores, getting away from people, getting away from the daily grind. That's my kind of vacation. And because it's so rarely done, it's all the more special when we have the opportunity to do it. Which is why I intend to savor every single moment of our upcoming vacation. After all, it may be another four years before we do it again....

What's your military-style vacation look like?

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