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For the fourth year in a row, the Bob Woodruff Foundation and the New York Comedy Festival are partnering to present the Stand Up for Heroes event at the Beacon Theatre in New York. And SpouseBUZZ will be there!

To say this is exciting is a huge understatement.

Let's be honest - the chance to see Jon Stewart, Bruce Springsteen, and Tony Bennett (I'm a huge fan, people. This is the most exciting part of the show to me, I'll own it) live in NYC is enough to make a person squeal in excitement. But even more awesome than that? Being able to be a part of something sponsored by the Bob Woodruff Foundation. If you'll recall, Woodruff sustained serious injuries while covering the Iraq War in 2006. Since then, his Bob Woodward Foundation has raised over 8.5 million dollars for injured service members, using it for several programs including grants to help reintegrate injured service members and assist their families with the transition.

As military families will tell you - the discussion of certain injuries from the war is difficult, to say the least. By bringing the discussion of Traumatic Brain Injury to mainstream news outlets, Woodruff has helped create an environment where discussion of "invisible injuries" is more likely to happen and less likely to be held in and internalized.

And I would be absolutely remiss if I did not mention the entire reason one of our SpouseBUZZ authors is able to attend the Stand Up for Heroes event in the first place.

For the entire time SpouseBUZZ has been active, Sears has been present at our Live events.

Sears' programs for the military are well-known within the military community - and with good reason! The support they have given servicemembers and their families has been both sincere and unremitting. The Heroes at Home Wish Registry has helped many military families during the holiday season, the Heroes at Home program helps military families whose homes need rehabilitation, Sears is providing Thanksgiving Day meals at select bases throughout the country, and of course Sears has incredible benefits for its activated Reserve employees.

At each of our SpouseBUZZ Live events, Sears has contributed amazing prizes for drawings and listened carefully as the military spouses in attendance talk about our lives; highs and lows.

Sears Holdings Corporations has provided the travel, accommodations, and Flip cam equipment for a SpouseBUZZ representative to attend the Stand Up for Heroes event and share the fun with you all through twitter and blog posts. Twitter posts for the event will start tomorrow - so keep an eye out! Wouldn't it be awesome if I could post a picture with Tony Bennett?

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