Fit Club: Fatigued


Well, that is not a good sign. I just checked on my last Fit Club post and it was almost a month ago. I hope that y'all are doing better than I am doing. That means you, Maharet, BunnyRosa, Melissa, Lin and Tootsie! And all the rest of you who are hiding behind the internet but secretly playing along.

I confess, I have been quite a slacker lately. Two weeks ago, we had the Navy ball. On Sunday, I was exhausted. I wasn't up that late, but I did have a wee bit too much wine and I didn't think much of it. Monday and Tuesday I wasn't quite up to my peak and took a little nap each day. I nap pretty regularly so again, I didn't think much. I did go to Tae Kwon Do on Tuesday but I could barely keep up. On Wednesday, I went to do some volunteer work and on the drive home I was so tired that I could barely make it. Once I stumbled in the door, I slept for four hours. By Thursday morning, I admitted that I was sick and just stayed on the sofa all day. Thankfully, not really sick, just exhausted and my bones hurt.

It is now two weeks later and I am still pretty easily exhausted. This is all working up to my big excuse for why it has been over two weeks since I've had any decent exercise. I know there are plenty of more disciplined people who disagree, but I think that if your body is wiped out, you should let it rest.

I hope the rest of you are having better success! Share your triumphs and challenges with us - we want to cheer and commiserate with you.

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