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Tootie, over at Tootie's Place, recently prepared aDeployment Care Package. It wasn't going overseas, though, it stayed stateside. I love this idea and may have toborrowsteal it for future use!

Check out theseShopping Tipsthat Casey has over at The Ever-Changing Life of a Military Wife.

Jessica, at {Mis}Adventures of an Army Wife, wants to knowHow To Keep Yourself Busy and Meet People...?Visit her blog and tell her how you do it!

TJ, over at Army Wife Post wants to know about yourTraditional Turkey Day. She's looking for suggestions regarding menu additions. Go ahead, share your ideas. I'm sure she'll appreciate them!

Last, but not least, the Mrs. over at Trying Our Best, is hosting an Ornament Swap. I think it sounds fun and if you agree, stop on over and sign up. Just be sure to do it soon as the deadline is Sat. Nov. 20th.

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