By the Numbers: Reserve and Guard Support


Last week we brought you a rundown of how much the active duty components of each DoD military service spend on their family programs. The Reserve, of course, is a whole different ball of wax with its own unique needs and challenges. Since the last post we were able to chase down their data.

Here is the spending on family programs by Reserve and Guard components.

Army Reserve: $30 million. This includes, by the way, funding for that super cool friends and family kit we did a video on during the AUSA conference.

Marine Corps Reserve: $10 million. This includes funding for Marine and family services, unit family readiness and family readiness officers, community support programs, family care programs and behavioral health programs, among others.

Air Force Reserve: $60.2 million. This figure may be deceptively large because it includes $50.7 million in renovations and constructions to facilities that a variety of authorized users have access to, not just reservists and their families. 

Army and Air National Guard: $67.5 million. This includes funding for the family assistance centers, child and youth services and supplements to individual state's programs. 

We were unable to get data from the Navy, although we hope to bring you that information later.

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