Bragg Infant Death Saga Continues

For those who have not been following the sad story out of Fort Bragg, here's a brief recap: over the last three years 10 infants have died suddenly in Fort Bragg housing. Two of those died in the same home within three months of each other. A third infant at that address died in 2007, the same year the home was built.

While no one has come up with an official explanation and the matter is still under investigation, there are on and off again reports that the deaths were caused by materials used to build the house. Specifically of concern is tainted Chinese drywall, which can emit harmful levels of sulfur into the air.

Each home is being investigated separately to determine whether sulfur or another toxin is present. Military.com today reported that at least one of those homes contains indications of unsafe sulfur levels.

As a military housing user myself, I trust that my home is safe and that we are not being exposed to something harmful -- to me and my husband or to my toddler. Yes, I have come to expect levels of family support, including housing, that I would not get in any job in the civilian world (remember that Army Family Covenant? This is part of it!). But this is a good reminder to not take anything for granted.

Meanwhile, the Army seems to be taking the investigation seriously. Too bad 10 children had to die before an investigation started and the houses in question were vacated.

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