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SpouseBUZZ Live at Mountain Home AFB was awesome! I don't say that lightly, either. What an incredible group of fun-loving spouses going on there!


And we have pictures and an AAR, too!

Guard Wife has had to remind her husband that it is okay to change lanes on the highway in Ohio, versus convoy rules in Iraq.

Toad would like to remind us that changing the furniture around while your service-member is deployed and then removing all the night lights right before they come home can be quite entertaining.

Marine Wife can't figure out how she goes from two loads of laundry a week during a TDY/Deployment to six or seven when her Marine is home (to be fair - he is 6'8", and so one outfit is really pretty much an entire load of laundry).

armywifetoddlermom would like to remind everyone that a DITY move isn't as easy as your service-member might make it sound.

And airforcewife is once again advocating the wonders of boxing during deployment. Hitting things in a socially acceptable manner is wonderful on so many levels...

And then we have Mollie Gross...


They just don't come any more funny than she is. If you haven't heard how her deployment sewing project turned out, you need to.

Thank you again to the spouses at Mountain Home AFB - that was awesome!

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