Relinquishing the Snake


Someone sent me this link to a list compiled by a milspouse of things she's not going to do when her husband returns from his deployment. An excerpt:

It's been a looonnnggg year, again. For as much as I'm proud of my husband and excited about his impending return, I'm a little weary of this "solo act." I married my best friend because I loved him and I wanted to spend every day of the rest of my life with him. This "change of mission" hasn't always been easy or fun. With that in mind, I can't help but chuckle, albeit to myself and ONLY my closest of friends, as I think back to the times this past year that I've REALLY missed him... and not in the typical missed "anniversary or family holiday gathering, gee, I wish he was here" kind of way either! I get misty-eyed just thinking about the TEN THINGS I'M NOT GOING TO DO NEXT YEAR...

10. JUMPER CABLES. No more going out and hooking up the endlessly tangled, wiry, used-to be-black cables to the battery every time I want to drive the truck anywhere! As many times in my life that I've done the whole "red to red, black to black, wait for it, wait for it, let it run before disconnecting" ritual, I'm not going to have do it anymore. Of course, had I routinely and regularly driven the big honkin' beast of a machine, I would never have had to fool with it in the first place.

9. GARBAGE. No more letting the kitchen garbage can pile up until not one more thing will fit into it. No M'am... I'm going to make sure that stinkin' bag gets changed and removed every single day once he gets home! No more playing "JENGA" with the leaking milk carton on top of the cardboard soda can carrier over the 3 juice containers squashed up next to the Lunchable boxes! That goes double for dragging the industrial size waste container to the curb, in the rain, BEFORE the garbage truck shows up first thing in the morning!

8. DOG WALKING. No more jumbled up nylon ropes of leashes! I'm still going to walk my dogs, of course, it's just that I have THREE dogs and there has only been TWO of us to get the job done lately. It doesn't sound like a big deal I know, but that extra set of hands is going to come in handy because two of the dogs have never quite figured out HOW to walk on a leash properly. One pulls on the leash like he's plowing a cornfield the whole time and the other... well, it's like trying to walk a bowl of jello!

7. WEED EAT. First of all, please answer me this ONE question! Does a weed eater that doesn't break its line every 15 seconds EVEN exist? Gas, electric, battery... it doesn't matter, because I'm not going to have to worry about that either! In fact, if my darling husband likes the charm of my "English Garden" landscaping I've got going on in our backyard, I might just stick with it!

Read the rest by clicking here.

As for me, I could add several things, but my least favorite was a slow drain we once had which I had to continually snake. It wasn't a difficult task, it was just a nasty one, and one I was looking forward to relinquishing. Another task was shoveling snow. No explanation necessary.....

If your spouse is redeployed, what were you happy to give up, and if he/she is currently deployed, what are you looking forward to handing over?

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