Soapbox, Edition 231, Revision 13


Periodically, I just have to blurt some things out ... I'll keep it short here, but I really do need tothrow a couple more things on the table for yall to mull over. I just gotta address two of my favorites:

Key Spouse

Heart Link

Key Spouse Program -- It's Great! Use it! First Sergeants, Commanders -- understand that one of your best assets are the spouses that volunteer to help YOUR people be their best. The resource that your Key Spouse brings to your command cannot be over emphasized -- but why should they always give to when you could help a bit? A challenge: First Sergeants- since the Key Spouse is an adjunct of the Commander as well as you, how about the First Sergeants Association as a Private Org, help defray the costs of child care so YOUR Key Spouse can attend training and the monthly meetings? I mean, loosen the purse strings and help them help you.

Heart Link -- what a wonderful thing exists where spousesnew to the Air Force can go to a meeting where there's truly "no dumb question" and learn about this "thing" they may have married into, eh? Have you scrubbed the speakers list? Do they come talk because they drew short-straw or are they there to say, Here's what you need to know-- now, tomorrow, next week, next month ..? How many of the commanders or First Sergeants attend incognito to listen to what's said? Really? If they did, they'd find out a lot of spouses have no idea what's going on as ... no ... one ... brings ... home... the ... information.

Okay, I'm climbing down from the Soapbox. Key Spouses out there -- your thoughts? Sister Services, is there a program that helps you be a better volunteer where there's a required training program you must attend? Over&Out, MaintenanceToadOne

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