Mt Home AFB — Will we see you?


Less than 12hours and counting down until we're LIVE at Mountain Home Air Force Base! SpouseBUZZ LIVE that is! Many of you havesigned up and I do hope that you will attend...we promise that there isn't a better place to get to know, and listen to, and understand that as Mil Spouses, we're in this for the long haul, together. But if you haven't signed up, are sitting on the other side of the monitor and reading this, and want to come .... bring it on! In fact, if there are two or three of you wanting to get out of the house and hit the club Saturday morning to see what we're all about ... do it! Let DH get the kids up and feed them and dress them and well ... even so ... the damage would be only temporary, yes? Come on over to Gunfighters Collocated Club at 0900 and we'll see that you get registered.... it's FREE!

Even before getting there, all of us wish to pass on to all at the 366th Fighter Wing, a hearty Thank You!With SpouseBUZZ authors arriving from around the country, little time is available to set-up and get the word out, about this great event. It's on the shoulders of many who are going on blind faith that this really is all that we tout it to be -- and honestly, it is! A special thanks to those in the Airman & Family Readiness Center!

Grab a friend, and come on out tomorrow. Those of us who have been at SpouseBUZZ now for these past FOUR years, promise to bring our stories and more importantly, we'll bring our "listening ears" to hear what's on YOUR mind ...

See yall tomorrow! Over&Out, MaintenanceToadOne

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