How Can Civilians Thank Military Spouses?


Someone once asked me what a civilian can do for military families. There are lots of answers to that question, but I couldn't easily come up with a single one. I stammered a bit and tried to come up with something to say. That's because there are many caveats.

Do they live near a military installation? Do they know any military families? Do they live near a military family? Do they want to do something tangible (volunteer, babysit, etc.) , or are they satisfied with donating to a military charity?

A seemingly simple question wasn't so easy to answer.

My mind immediately goes to the small acts of kindness I've been the recipient of when my husband has been deployed.

A neighbor shoveling snow. A friend taking my pets when I had to travel so I didn't have to board them. A boss looking after me and insisting I take some extra time off before my husband left, or after my husband returned. All of those things were a huge help to me and didn't cost anyone a dime. Plus, I know it made them feel they were doing something to support military families.

Let's narrow the question down to milspouses. What are some ways civilians can express their gratitude to those who serve on the homefront? What are ways entire communities can help? Any examples you can point to of civilians supporting you or helping you out?

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