Found at AUSA: Gem For Reserve Spouses


While combing the AUSA conference expo floor yesterday for anything and everything spouse related, we ran across the Army Reserve Family Programs booth.

They are using the Expo to roll out a new, very cool, giveaway for reserve spouses and children facing deployment. They have kits for a soldiers family and friends, and one for the kids.

These kits are not too shabby, to the point that I wish active duty Army had given us one when my husband deployed. Take a look at what's in the kit designed for children:


The "family and friends" kit is similar, with a spiral bound scrap book/journal instead of coloring book -- which includes an envelope you can use to mail it -- and minus the stickers. The notecards are imprinted with small messages and quotes. Each of the sets comes in a neat little carrying case.

This is not something on which you want to miss out!

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