Fit Club: Rock On


Hi, Fit Club friends...howzit? (which is Hawaiian for "What is happening?" or "How are things going?") Tootsie, Maharet, Melissa, Lin, BunnyRosa? Are you still with me?

I guess I should report in. It has been 11 days since I've re-started my Fit Club self, and I'm doing OK in the exercise department. I have done the 30 Day Shred workout 7 times, gone to Tae Kwon Do class twice, walked an excavated ancient city one day, and slacked off one day. I didn't quite reach my goal of doing the 30 Day Shred 6 times in 7 days, but pretty good I think.

I've also logged my food most days. I really need to make it every day, for I found in the past that logging my food is a key to weight loss success. Anyone who wants to join me at MyFitnessPal.com, my username is She of the Sea.

Sadly, my scale has been remarkably uncooperative, but I swear my pants fit better. I'll just keep trudging along until the scale gets on board with the process.

So, Fit Club peeps, how has your week been?

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