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The Semper Fi family life is a crazy one these days. Lancelot is up and out the door way before the sun comes up and comes home wayyyyy after it sets. Light Twin is working crazy hours as well. Sometimes, she's up with her dad and out the door before he is. Other times, she's working late nights.

This is all fine and nothing to get worked up over. It does, however, make communication difficult at times. Lancelot will ask me a question about Light Twin or Light Twin will ask me a question about Lancelot and sometimes, I have no idea what the answer is.

What do we do?

We go to the coffeepots. That's right, I wrote that.

You see, all three of us drink coffee and all three of us have our own coffeepot. They're all lined up to the left of the kitchen sink. When one member of the family has a question for another member of the family, they stick a post it note on that person's coffeepot. And when replying, one sticks the post it on the questioner's coffeepot. And on and on.

I realize it might seem a little weird. I happen to think it's pretty funny but also, it works.

Do you have an interesting/funny way you keep in touch with your family? If so, please share in the comments section.

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