Military.com on Capitol Hill for Release of Military Lifestyle Survey


Military.com was on Capitol Hill yesterday for the release of the results from theBlue Star Family 2010 Military Lifestyle Survey, which was taken by3,634 military families. One fantastic fact is that 68% of respondents claimed to participate in some form of volunteer activity. For comparison, the percentage for the civilian population is just under 27%. This statistic doesn't surprise me. We should be proud that our volunteer efforts contribute to our communities and build and maintain support networks vital to military families.

As a part of the Military.com family, we were thrilled to see that Military.com is ranked as one of the top three sites for military families seeking news and information. The other two being Military OneSource and MilSpouse Magazine.

As for social media:

As with the civilian community, social media use is prevalent throughout military families, with nearly ninety percent of respondents reporting some type of use. Of those who use social media, eighty-eight percent do so at least once a week. Military families reply heavily on social and online media during deployments, with eighty-nine percent using email to communicate with their service member.

A few findings were of particular interest to me, and I plan over the coming weeks to weave them into a post or two. You can pour over the full survey here.

Below, my Military.com colleague Bryant Johnson interviews Vivian Greentree about the survey findings.


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