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I am wiped out. My sister is visiting. I love her dearly, but we have just spent three days doing great touristy things in my new home. Fun, interesting stuff, but exhausting. We've seen a world-famous palace, a world-famous coastline, and a world-famous archeological museum. I enjoy my sister's company and she is a great houseguest, very self-reliant and helpful.

While we've been busy seeing all the sights, we haven't been home. I haven't done dishes, laundry, or tidying in days. My house is a mess. My children are barely clothed. There is a sink full of dirty dishes. I am behind on my work. And I'm tired! (I need way more sleep that most people, so tired is sort of normal for me.)

We military folks often have opportunity to live cool places and host friends and family who want to see the sights. Do you have any tricks for making visits work for everyone? (Especially when they really shouldn't drive in your new home.) All help is appreciated!

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