Pull this ship over, right now.


Sometimes my sailor husband makes me roll my eyes.  I smile, but my eyes do roll.

My mom is in town this weekend to help us celebrate my son's birthday.  A year ago this weekend SpouseBUZZ Live headed to Camp Pendelton.  Although I didn't quite see the wisdom at the time, I very luckily listened to the doctors (and Army Wife Toddler Mom), and decided not to chance flying two months from my due date.  Turns out my due date really didn't factor into things too much and my son and I were so very fortunate to be within two miles of a quality NICU when the time came. 

But back to my eye rolling . . .

My mom treated us to some fantastic Maryland seafood her first night in town.  The kind of restaurant where they boil your selections to order and you pile up empty shells on a picnic table with a roll of paper towels for clean up.  So good!

Unfortunately, the toddler big brother decided dinner time was the perfect time for us to smell something foul.

Before we head home he gets a change and not wanting to leave that particularly pungent present behind we take it with us and drive off with the windows down.

At some point Seadaddy and I start talking and we put the windows up so we can hear each other without the wind drowning us out.  All of the sudden Seadaddy starts complaining that "the air in the cabin reeks".  I am not sure when minivans started having cabins.  There isn't even any of that glossy fake wood paneling that might have fooled him.  It is just ridiculous.

So when I call him on this (and the fact that the diaper is on my side and therefore he knows not how badly it does indeed stink), he tells me "Look, just because the diaper is on the port side does not at all mean I can't smell it.  Air circulates all throughout the cabin.  Duh."

Please tell me I am not the only one whose husband adopts milspeak for household use.  I thought it bad enough the kids' hats cannot be called hats and are instead covers, pretending our mom mobile has port and starboard sides crosses the line in my book. 

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