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Wow, I could go so many ways with a title like this one. However, I'm going to talk about moving. We moved into our new house about a month ago and are slowly making our way through the boxes. I am crazy frustrated by the labels on the outside of the boxes - it seems like none of them are right. Well, not that they aren't right, they are just so darn incomplete. A box marked "bicycle helmets" might contain one bicycle helmet on top of a pile of dress ups. Or a box marked "pillows" might in fact contain a pillow but also have half my shoes in it.

I'm also frustrated by the poor packing done by my movers. They didn't use wardrobe boxes for our hanging stuff, so it is all wrinkled. They took a boxed fondue set, took all the parts out, individually wrapped them, and put them, with the box, in a huge box. There is no rhyme or reason to their madness. Some stuff they were trying as hard as possible to make smaller, while other stuff they have clearly wasted boxes, paper and space by the way that they packed.

I have a friend who swears that you should only let them pack one box at a time, watching at every moment. Seriously? We have about 14,000 pounds of stuff for six people. It would take two weeks if we did it that way. However, this way isn't working either.

Do any of you have any tricks for improving this process? (Besides the cloning, of course.) I would be most appreciative.

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