Bad housing karma? Or just a disaster queen?


I came back from taking the kids to the school bus this morningto find a window had fallen out into our living room and glass was all over the carpet. It was #3 of the housing disasters we've had since moving into our home about 2 months ago. #1 was the air conditioning going out and #2 was the huge leak we had in our bedroom ceiling. A neighbor told me that last year's residents had no problems whatsoever. Of course not. I didn't live here then. My other neighbor is getting nervous that my bad luck is going to rub off on her.

The last time we lived in housing, my house was literally falling down around my ears. I had a waterfall on the inside of my back door every time it rained. I was only in the house for 16 or 17 months but the house was re-roofed 1-1/2 times while I was in it. (The 1/2 was from the time they only re-roofed part of the house.)

Another house we lived in was literally condemned. It was scheduled for demolition after we moved out. But before that could happen, we had a leak over our bed Through the light fixture. That was fun.

And it's not just in housing that this stuff happens to us. When we moved into our rental house at our last duty station, our air conditioner died the day the movers dropped everything off. This was in June... in Florida!

I'm seriously beginning to wonder if I'm jinxed. Tell me I'm not alone. What's the worst housing disaster you've had?

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