We are Never, Ever Moving All This Stuff Again

Ah, the joys of PCS. Today was the highly anticipated, and also highly dreaded, delivery of household goods. First the good news: almost no damage, and it all will fit in our house! Let the rejoicing begin!

Before you get too excited, however, consider how much of this stuff came off the truck and my first thought was a sarcastic, "Great." "What are we going to do with that?" "Really, that came?" "Didn't we get rid of that before we moved?" and my most personally discouraging, "How many moving stickers are on that unopened box?"

The fact it, when taken as a whole, we have too much stuff. I swear it is sucking the life out of me and preventing me from being all the great things I can be. The problem enters when you stop looking at it as a whole and start looking at it as individual things. Things that are useful, or loved, or bring back memories, or represent hope for the future. Multiply all those values times six people and the result is a remarkable number of objects that have value to someone in my family.

I'm curious - do you find that you have a lot of stuff? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? How do you help everyone keep the stuff that is really, truly important while shedding the things that aren't adding to your lives?

I've only got three years, folks, 'cuz it's not all going next time.

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