"The Hardest Battle"


I watched this video earlier today:

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This touched me for many reasons. Apparently, CBS spent some time with this Marine unit, then went stateside to get the homefront perspective. I wish more media outlets would present both perspectives, side-by-side. I've rarely seen a report which encapsulates so perfectly what spouses go through on the homefront without oozing pity. CBS also provided a great window into the world of milspouse friendship and support.

Nicole Morse is Krystal's best friend. Her husband Jim Morse is a sergeant in the same company as Kenneth May.

"It has been really tough - because while I am going through day-to-day things with her and helping her with what she has been going through - in the back of my mind is that my husband is still over there," Morse said.

One woman whose husband is in a war zone helping another woman who lost her husband in a war zone. Kudos to Nicole for admitting that emotions are difficult because while she's helping her friend, in the back of her mind, she knows it could be her one day. Something Jacki, our Gold Star contributor, has discussed with us on occasion. Gold Star Wives know they are a walking reminder of what can go wrong.

The piece concludes with this:

Each one of the Marines is a volunteer, and they know what they are getting in to. For the families back home, dealing with what they don't know is often the hardest battle.

Link to written article can be found here.

Well done, CBS.

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