Whenever I walk by a greeting cards section, I usually peruse the romantic cards and the I-miss-you cards. I have always stocked up on these to have on hand when my husband deploys so that I can regularly send him snail mail. For years it's been a diehard habit for me, and deployments 1 and 2 were spaced out so much that I had a serious stockpile of mushy cards just waiting patiently for him to leave home. So today when I was at the Dollar Tree, I grabbed a few cute cards...and then I realized that my husband isn't going anywhere for a while. Right now he will finish out this non-deployable assignment in a staff job and then he will transfer to a new branch of the Army and start training in that job. It may be quite a while before he deploys again.

Obviously this is fantastic news for our family. But part of me is so used to the idea of his departure always on the horizon that I have a hard time digesting that he will be home for the foreseeable future.

At any rate, I still bought the cards. They can stockpile up for some sort of inevitable departure down the road...'cause you know it's coming at some point!

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