Semper Bellus


One of my very favorite things about being a part of the military family is the way humor comes into play in most situations. Gallows humor? We all got it. And while inter-service rivalry is definitely there, even in the spouse world, a well placed joke about it will bring everyone together rather than creating hard feelings. Yeah, sure, my Army brother likes to tease Air Force family about the amenities available to airmen worldwide while emphasizing how hard core Army life is. But all we have to do is mention that we have more cable channels and the contest is over.

So, of course, this is the first thing that entered my mind when I read that the Air Force is looking for a motto and taking suggestions. It's a seriousquestion - it really is. I know that. But I couldn't help going for the funny first. Like, for instance, the title of this post "Semper Bellus". I think "Always Pretty" describes us pretty well.

I'm also partial to, "Our Toys are Shiny."

But I'm an equal opportunity sarcastic motto creator, here. Like, when I think about a new motto for the Army, I think that the Green Machine penchant for howitzers and the like totally warrants the motto, "We like the cars, the cars that go boom."

What are your motto ideas?

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