Pizza and Other Details


"Ever since I got home from Afghanistan, I have had this total pizza fetish. I want pizza constantly. I used to crave pizza so bad while I was deployed," my husband said last night when a Papa John's commercial came on.

And I looked at him like he had just proposed to me...

I am lucky that my husband is good at sharing the big feelings. When we had miscarriages while he was away from home, and while he was deployed during my entire successful pregnancy, he often shared how he was feeling about these major events. He talked of his sadness in losing the babies, and he talked of his joy in knowing that we would soon have a little girl.

But my husband never talks about the little things about deployment. Ifeel like big chunks of his life are a mystery to me. I wanted to know what he did on a daily basis: what he ate, where he slept, what his leisure time was like. He thought all of that was too boring to share, so I'd have to drag details out of him. Usually I'd get one-word answers. I eventuallygave up trying to picture what his life is like while he's downrange.

But pizza. He wanted pizza. Somehow finally knowing one of those little details about his deployed lifemakes me smile.

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