Oh, Yeah. I Forgot to Splurge....

Some kind soul gave me a gift certificate to a local spa recently, and I jumped for joy. I'm such a spa gal. I love being pampered. Part of the reason I love it so is that it's such a rare treat. Most of us rarely have the opportunity to spend a few hours at a spa being exfoliated, wrapped in seaweed or mud and receiving a delectable massage at the hands of a talented masseuse. It's like sipping fine wine from a bottle that costs $80. The anticipation is palpable and you savor every minute of it.

I try to do something out of the ordinary, to splurge at least once during a deployment. I realized that I didn't splurge at all during my husband's last deployment. Far from it....

I can't wait to book my spa appointment.

Do you splurge during a deployment or separation? If so, what's your pleasure?

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