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Back in May, some of the SpouseBUZZ authors spoke at the MOAA symposium. While there, Air Force Wife took the time to get a signed copy of My Sailor Dadfor my two boys. Because she is awesome like that. At the timeSeadaddy had just left for the first stop of his countrywide summerschool adventure to gear up for his unaccompanied tour (that didn't happen). It was another example of the perfectly timed gift Super Power that Guard Wife told us about.

I had already made a little laminated social story book with photoswe took of Seadaddy leaving with his sea bags packed, coming home,running in PT gear, sleeping in his barracks bed, skyping on thecomputer, etc for my two year old to go through each day. Which LittleMan liked, but did not love.

My Sailor Dad has been a big hit! Little Man's favorite things inlife right now are vehicles of all kinds, so the colorful illustrationsof so many ships and a few helicopters and planes really brought outhis high pitched excited voice. I love hearing that voice!

The story is a great mix of fun and message. The author, Ross H.Mackenzie, is a Naval Officer himself and did a fantastic job putting the sense of duty and pride interms our younger children can appreciate. The concept of separationduring a deployment is explained in a clear and helpful way. I lovethe illustrations and think Marvin Jarboe did a fantastic job! I alsothink it is great there are messages to decode using nautical flags.

Once we found out Seadaddy would be coming home, I was lookingforwardto having him read the book to our kids. I was curious what he thoughtof thebook and the illustrations. He has enjoyed telling our two year old(and me!) about the different ships, what this type of gun is calledand whether that type of helicopter can be found on the LHDs he hasbeen stationed on before. He really likes the detail of theillustrations.

I am so thankful to have this book in our library. My kids and Ihave not experienced a sea tour yet, but this book will help give ourkids a story to relate to and pictures to call to mind as the days dragon during deployments.

The websitecan give you more information and a place to order a copy for you oryour own Navy family friends. The best news is that they are going tobe rolling out books for all branches and the Army one is slated for a2011 release. So keep an eye out for that! Also check out the My Sailor Dad facebook page as they list upcoming appearances for book signings, readings, etc.

Congratulations to Ross Mackenzie and My Sailor Dad for winning the 2010 Gold Medal for the Children Under 12 category from the Military Writers Society of America!

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