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As some of you know, SpouseBUZZ recently created Facebook and Twitter pages (thank you WifeUnit). We're loving the interaction we get with other milspouses on these different forums and want to make sure you are aware of our presence on SpouseBUZZ and Facebook as we're relative newcomers.

Click here to get to our Facebook Page.. Fan us and begin posting on our wall. We have conversations over there that don't always appear here on the blog. Hardly a week goes by that someone doesn't email to ask how they can post on SpouseBUZZ. The blog has a static author pool, but the Facebook page allows you to post anything (within reason) on our wall, although we reserve the right to delete comments or links we feel are inappropriate. So for those of you who want to post something for this community, you can do so on the Facebook wall. Feel free to pimp your stuff, ask questions or just tell us you're having a bad day and we'll be at the ready with words of encouragement. Speaking of bad days, one Army wife just posted on the wall that her husband broke his back in Iraq, and she cold use some encouragement...

If you have a Twitter account, follow us and let us know you're out there so we can follow you, too. This will help save us some time while we're trying to find other milspouse twerps out there.

Look forward to seeing you on the other two SpouseBUZZ outlets!

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