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A friend sent me the link to this one and I love it! Sarah over atMy Military Mommysays she's just "Paying it Forward to Military Moms Like Me". You'll find great sales and coupons. Go check it out!

Mrs. G.I. Joe over at ACU's, Stiletto Shoes, and Pretty Pink Tutus attended the BlogHer Conference in NYC and had several guest bloggers write posts in her absence. Each post highlights a blogger from a different branch of service. I found this first post especially interesting, but all seven of them were a great read.

Do you have something special that you hold onto or calms you down when your loved one is deployed? MTM over at My Front Porch Looking In does. Take a peek at her "D" Dog.

Finally, Claire over at You Served has some ideas on how to help a military spouse during deployment. These are good suggestions and I found myself knowingly nodding my head while reading through them.

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