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It's been a few weeks since my last update! My little sister got married back in our home state and then when we finally made it home we had appointments up the wazoo and back-to-school shopping to do. With the kids back in school, though, I should have more free time to peruse the many, many great mil-spouse blogs out there.

For now, here's the latest and greatest; according to me and my friends (that help me out and send me links)! :)

The Mrs. over at Trying Our Best makes some good points. Some civilians may get a glimpse into our life, but can they really feel what we're feeling?

Go visit Kimmie over at Never Apart In Heart and reassure her that it's all normal!

Mrs. S over at The Adventures of Mr. Superman and Mrs. S has a list of Ten Great Things About Being a Military Wife. See if you can add something new to the list.

Finally, Melissa over at New Girl On Post poses a question to other [mil-spouse] bloggers.

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