Well-Being Index: Life is Good?

Gallup has released some interesting results from their well-being survey.

Active duty military personnel who have ever been deployed to a foreign war have strikingly similar wellbeing levels as active duty personnel who have never been deployed. In both cases, these levels exceed the wellbeing scores found among U.S. workers in general.

Active duty military personnel who have been deployed are also as likely to rate their lives well enough to be considered "thriving" as those who have not been deployed. Both groups are significantly more likely to be thriving than are American workers overall


Gallup's Bottom Line:

Despite the challenges of serving abroad in a foreign war, American military personnel surpass American workers in overall wellbeing levels regardless of deployment status. While life evaluation clearly holds up regardless of age, the drop in overall wellbeing among those aged 18 to 29 indicates that foreign war deployment is having an impact on wellbeing overall.

Take a look at the bottom line from Part I of the Gallup well-being survey:

Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index findings reveal that while American military personnel surpass American workers in wellbeing, veterans lag behind. Once out of the military, even when employed, veterans' wellbeing and life evaluation fall below that of the overall working population, while clinical depression climbs higher.

These findings underscore two points for consideration for U.S. military leadership. The first is that military service may be beneficial for the wellbeing of active military personnel. At the same time, these personnel tend to suffer after leaving the military. While the first point could serve as a strong recruiting tool, the second point highlights the need for enhanced involvement in improving life after the military for America's veterans, both discharged and retired alike.

So, are you surprised? Do you think military life has an adverse or positive affect on your overall well-being? Why or why not?


It's important to note this isn't merely a job satisfaction index, but it does take employment factors into account. You can view the methodology used below.

About the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index:

The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index™ has been developed to provide the official measure for health and well-being. It's the voice of Americans and the most ambitious effort ever undertaken to measure what people believe constitutes a good life.

Over the next 25 years, the Well-Being Index will collect and measure the daily pulse of the nation's well-being and provide best-in-class solutions for a healthier world. By helping Americans understand how work impacts life and health and conversely how life affects work and health, we can work together to improve well-being for a better way of life.

Methodology info here.

H/T: Kevin Baron

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